Custom Modeling & Code Development



Eimex takes software simulation design to a new level. Eimex consultants combine their extensive background in theoretical and applied physics, engineering and information technology to build computer code with the right science folded into it in the right way.

In essence, Eimex helps you understand the problem in a new light—then applies this knowledge to create a custom solution. It's what satisfied clients refer to as the Eimex edge: a quantum leap in scientific modeling software that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Areas of expertise include:


Theoretical Physics and Engineering
     • Optical Sciences
     • Laser Systems Performance and Optimization
     • Nonlinear optics
     • Beam Reshaping
     • Fluid Dynamics
     • Explosives
     • Materials Science – Laser Irradiation
     • Plasma Science
     • Quantum Physics
     • Heat Flow

Computational Tools
     • All standard numerical methods
     • Advanced techniques for:
              Wave propagation
              Langrangan manifolds
              ADI methods

     • C/C++
     • Java
     • MPI
     • Fortran 95
     • MATLAB
     • Visual Basic
     • IDL


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