The Eimex Team


Dr. David Eimerl directs a team of highly qualified specialist engineers who provide timely, personal service for clients worldwide. As a small consulting firm, Eimex is able to offer onsite service for Bay Area clients—and a level of flexibility and responsiveness that our clients everywhere have come to depend on and deeply appreciate.

Collectively, Eimex consultants comprise a broad array of specialized expertise in computer modeling, engineering, physics, project management, and client support, enabling Eimex to meet diverse client needs across multiple industries and platforms.

The Eimex team delivers targeted consulting services, including:
      • Customized computer code that models product performance simulations;
      • Solutions that extend functionality beyond that offered by commercially available code;
      • Scientific modeling products;
      • Technical enhancements to optical systems, subsystems and laser systems;
      • Optimization of product performance;
      • Strategies for management of intellectual property;
      • Expert witness testimony.

From manufacturers of laser and optics technologies to academic institutions performing research and development, client industries served include:
      • Wafer processing
      • Telcom amplifiers
      • Telcom sources
      • Fiber lasers
      • Laser dermatology
      • Laser dentistry
      • Laser fusion
      • Government laboratories

Our promise to you: Eimex will solve the functional challenges of laser and optics technologies for your business or institution that cannot be resolved using commercially available code.

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