Improves Productivity

"Eimex improvements to our robotic wafer processing stations increased throughput from 15 to a remarkable 28 wafers per hour. This led to an immediate tripling of our sales volume!" – Stephen Williams, Allied Signal

Experienced Innovators

"The University of Rochester is constructing Omega EP, which is the largest ultra-fast laser in the United Sates, under contract with the Department of Energy. We hired EIMEX to take advantage of their many years of hand-on experience with large laser systems, their unique record of scientific work and insights, and their exceptional capability to build computer models. Over several years, David has become a key member of our team, and his contributions have been invaluable in designing and operating Omega EP, and will undoubtedly contribute significantly to its future success as a unique laser facility." - Bob McCrory, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, NY

Solves Complex Problems

"Eimex’s creative approach to solving problems led us to surprisingly innovative new modalities in laser dermatology that ultimately decimated our competition. Eimex defined a new product concept that offered features and functions that our competitors products just couldn’t achieve." – CEO of a leader in laser dermatology.

Rapid Diagnostics

"The proprietary compact laser systems we were developing for display applications were underperforming, and unlikely to meet the OEM cost and performance requirements for the display industry. EIMEX was highly recommended as a resource for solving our problem. Within a very short time frame, David Eimerl provided critical insights and calculations that helped to make our product highly competitive in the marketplace." - Aram Mooradian, Novalux, San Jose, CA

Product Conceptualization

"When Reliant was a start-up, we need to define our first product. Our budget and schedule were tightly constrained. We brought David Eimerl in as a technical advisor. His extensive experience, technical knowledge and nsight and extraordinary computational ability were key to developing our first product concepts. Taking account of the business realities of start-ups, David pointed the way forward to a practical first product. He also developed a computer model of the interactions of lasers with human tissue that was years ahead of the field. He was able to adequately predict the shape and depth of sub-dermal lesion, which had never been done before. This work has now been published and is being copied by our competitors. The product that David helped us to develop has made Reliant the rapidly-growing and successful company it is today." - Len de Benedictis, Reliant Corporation, San Jose, CA

Expert Witness

"Dr. Eimerl’s scholarly research and authoritative knowledge help our defense team to provide unequivocal proof that our client’s product did not infringe on an existing patent. He based his testimony on thorough analysis of the facts, and presented facts that provided clear support for our position." – Rick McConkin, Esq.

Solution-Focused Leadership

Computer Modeling to Increase Production

"Our wafer processing robot station was not meeting the required throughput. The spec was 26 wafers per hour, but our robot only achieved 12. The problem was that wafers were sitting idle because the robot had too many simultaneous tasks. We hired Dr. Eimerl to solve this queuing problem. Dr Eimerl built computer code that simulated the operation of the robot. By adjusting the process times and station locations on the robot, and simulating the operation of the robot, we learned how to break the log-jam. The yield went up to 28 wafers per hour, and we immediately sold two machines. Dr. Eimerl’s computer model was the critical element in solving our business problem."- Steven Williams, Nanometrics, San Jose,  CA


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